Addressing the challenges of electrification

Wydarzenie | 03 marca 2020 - Two Day Event Starting 03 March 2020 @ 8:00 AM
Troy, MI.

Electrification has brought many challenges: Battery thermal management; New noise sources. Come and learn how simulation and test can address these.

Addressing challenges of electrification
Addressing challenges of electrification

Automotive electrification has brought many challenges, during this free two day event we'll aim to cover how Siemens simulation and test portfolio - Simcenter - can help address these challenges, in the context of a broad range of applications and physics.

You will learn:

  • How do I identify potential noise sources that were previously masked by a conventional powertrain?
  • Is there a way to cost-effectively have a more CAE led design process?
  • How do I track my simulation results that were used to validate my design?
  • Is there a way to validate that my simulated structural modes correlate with real-world?
  • Why are sensor models so important for AV verification?
  • How do I measure the reliability of my electronics components and leverage that testing in CAE?

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