How smart quoting and engineering can help secure your future in the electronics assembly industry!

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How to achieve smart manufacturing & accurate, efficient quoting

How Smart Quoting and Engineering can help secure your future in the Electronics Assembly industry!

The electronics assembly industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. In order to cope with these changes, companies need to adopt new technologies faster and embrace change as being an accelerator for growth. Companies that lack behind put their market position and profitability at stake.

Material shortages and smaller lot sizes are good examples of challenges that heavily impact the electronics assembly industry today. The strength of the market leaders is to acknowledge the need for change and leverage this as an opportunity to stay ahead of their competitors.

Watch our on-demand webinar and find out how smart quoting and engineering can secure your future in the electronics assembly industry.

What you will learn:

  • Why: Material shortages and smaller lot sizes are key challenges in the Electronics Assembly industry that require fundamental changes to secure your margins
  • How: Increase the speed of quotation by up to 75%
  • How: Shorter time to production with on average 20% savings in time
  • What: Digitalization of your quoting process with direct connection to the supply chain helps you find the best price and availability at speed
  • What: ‘All in One’ engineering tool, able to generate ‘ready to use’ programs and all tooling for all stages of the manufacturing process

Jean-Paul Dirven

Portfolio Development Executive EMS, Siemens Digital Industries Software

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