27 April 2017

Mentor Nucleus RTOS supports embedded development on Boundary Devices’ Nitogen6x Platform

Mentor, a Siemens business, today announces that its Nucleus® real-time operating system (RTOS) now supports Boundary Devices’ Nitrogen6x reference board based on the NXP® i.MX 6Quad applications processor. The reference implementation on the Boundary Devices Nitrogen6x board Rev-3 board is easily extended using the Mentor board support package (BSP) framework to facilitate implementation of peripheral devices and effectively utilize SoC resources.

The Mentor® Nucleus ReadyStart™ platform features Nucleus RTOS support for ARMv7-based technology, providing customers with a complete embedded development environment combined with source code, to help embedded developers speed time to market.

In addition, the Mentor broadly-adopted Sourcery™ CodeBench integrated development environment (IDE) features ARM® DSTREAM™ and SEGGER J-Link support for NXP’s i.MX 6Quad processor, as well as a prebuilt, hardened, and supported GNU compiler collection (GCC) toolchain. The Sourcery CodeBench IDE also includes the Sourcery™ Analyzer product, a powerful embedded design analysis solution combining a unique profiling and analysis engine with data visualization capabilities.

The Nucleus technology is a highly scalable, low-footprint, hard real-time RTOS environment that provides a high-end embedded operating system and uncompromising system simplicity. The Nucleus RTOS comes enabled with multicore technologies such as symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) capabilities. The RTOS also integrates a Power Management Framework, allowing developers to specify application requirements with high-level hardware agnostic APIs, programming the Nucleus RTOS to automatically discover power-aware components for simplified design processes, increased code reuse, and faster time to market.

The Nucleus ReadyStart product with support for the i.MX 6Quad processor and Boundary Devices Nitrogen6x technologies is available now from Mentor.  Go to: https://www.mentor.com/embedded-software/nucleus/readystart/

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Larry Toda