Exploiting aero-thermal simulation methods in vehicle aerodynamic development

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Jaguar Land Rover present the use of aero-thermal simulation.

An example of vehicle aerodynamics and surface contamination simulation that helps improve performance early in the design cycle.

As vehicle manufacturers seek continuous improvement in their development processes, aerodynamics development needs to respond by breaking down the traditional silos of physical test and numerical simulation, along with the classic attribute structure of aerodynamics, surface contamination and thermal management.

This presentation works through those themes by using recent process improvements at Jaguar Land Rover. It lays out the dynamic relationship between test and simulation and then demonstrates an efficient aerodynamics simulation scheme, exploring its integration with both thermal management and surface contamination.

The interplay of accuracy, design maturity and process velocity within this scheme is also illustrated by reference to recent vehicle development projects.

Finally, opportunities for future development and further integration of related attributes are discussed.

Frederick Ross

自動車産業担当 Simcenter流体および熱部門 事業開発マネージャー, Siemens Digital Industries Software

1989年にCD-adapco(2016年にシーメンスが買収)に入社したFrederickは、豊富な経験を生かし、車両の熱防御、空気力学、乗員の熱快適性などのアプリケーションでお客様と協力してきました。CADから結果収集までの仮想車両シミュレーションを自動化する開発プロセスに直接関与し、現在は、Simcenter STAR-CCM+製品管理チームと協力して、社内プロセスの合理化を目指すお客様を支援しています。

Dr. Nick Simmonds

SME Aero/Thermal CFD Methods, Jaguar Land Rover

Nick completed his PhD in the application of CFD to the aerodynamic and thermal efficiency of automotive cooling systems in 2017 (Cranfield University, UK) and then joined Jaguar Land Rover. Nick is a CFD Subject Matter Expert with vehicle aerodynamics development experience who is currently leading the development of aerodynamics, surface contamination and thermal management simulation solutions.

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