The Digital Thread in Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

オンデマンド・ウェビナー | 50 分

Heavy equipment manufacturing digital thread software

Farm tractor equipment with a digital and physical design

There is no doubt that heavy equipment manufacturers are being challenged today by their customers, competitors, and the industry as a whole to develop and manufacture smarter equipment in a difficult economic climate. What must they do in order to respond?

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a digital thread solution to assist manufacturers in dealing with this fundamental shift in the industry, as well as in managing the rapid pace and complexity of hardware, software, and electronics integration into heavy equipment machinery using a collaborative manufacturing approach.

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Production excellence in heavy equipment

Production excellence in heavy equipment manufacturing is achieved through a digital thread that connects product engineering, manufacturing engineering and production execution and performance. Our collaborative manufacturing solution enables you to unify global design, engineering, and manufacturing teams so that they can work on the same requirements, models, and manufacturing process plans while remaining flexible to meet local requirements.

Product configuration

Customers want options, regardless of the type of product they purchase. Product configurations allow you to meet the demand for more advanced and diverse product offerings without increasing costs. Use the product configuration backbone to provide a consistent definition of variability throughout the lifecycle and handle more options with less effort.

Heavy equipment digital thread webinar

This free webinar focus on 3 areas:

  • Turn complex product configuration into a competitive advantage that drives savings all along the digital thread.
  • Frontload manufacturing preparation from MBOM to electronic work instructions
  • Connect to ERP and execution systems through closed-Loop manufacturing

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Johan Nordling

Manufacturing Business Team, Siemens Digital Industries Software