Rotor dynamics analysis for better operational efficiency of aircraft engines

オンデマンド・ウェビナー | 54 分

Understand and optimize jet engine vibration using 3D simulation

Rotor dynamics for aircraft engine

Getting the rotor dynamics of a jet engine wrong has a profound influence on operational efficiency. Longer engine start-up time may be needed, reducing throughput at already congested airports. Inflight vibrations, if exceeding a certain strength or occurring too often, have a detrimental effect on engine life and require operators to go for unplanned, costly engine repairs or even replacements.

Rotor dynamics analysis allows you to understand the influence of your design decisions on the vibration characteristics of a jet engine. This results in better products, a smoother entry into service and faster turnaround time for in-service incidents.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Run synchronous and asynchronous rotor dynamics analysis in order to predict whirl frequencies and critical speeds, and detect instabilities
  • Analyze rotor stability, vibration issues, and imbalance issues along the design cycle using flexible rotor dynamics simulation
  • Perform sensitivity analysis to evaluate the impact of design modifications on jet engine vibrations before building an expensive physical prototype

Caroline Raick

Product Manager, Simcenter 3D , Siemens Digital Industries Software

Caroline is the Product Manager for Simcenter 3D Rotor Dynamics. She focuses on areas of rotating machines and rotor dynamics. Caroline holds a diploma and PhD in Physics Engineering from Liège University (Belgium).

Sebastian Flock

Simcenter 3D事業開発マネージャー , Siemens Digital Industries Software

Simcenter 3D Motionの製品マネージャーとしてシーメンスインダストリーズソフトウェアに入社後、現在は産業機械業界の事業開発マネージャーを務めています。ドイツのRWTH Aachen大学で機械工学を専攻し、学士号と博士号を取得しました。機械動力学とマルチボディシミュレーションをテーマにした複数の論文を執筆しています。