Accelerate the development of the digital enterprise with integrated requirements management for energy and utilities

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Close the loop on global capital and operational project requirements

Connected energy and utilities devices with digital enterprise.

With the challenges facing today's energy and utilities industry, the need to be more agile and responsive has never been more significant. Leaders in the industry have recognized that synchronizing an organization's physical assets with their respective digital twin holds tremendous value. However, despite having made numerous investments in technology over the years, many struggle to understand how to align what they have into an effective digital enterprise strategy. Even more complex is the question, "Where should I begin?"

This webinar is the second in a series that will discuss the business value of using a digital lifecycle excellence approach to improve data quality and process execution in the energy and utilities industry.

In this webinar, you will learn how an integrated requirements management capability is a great place to start

Join the discussion with Siemens to understand why, for many organizations, requirements management is a great way to leverage technology allowing your team to understand:

  • How rapidly converting complex documents into a series of digital requirements improves project success metrics.
  • Why creating linkages between each requirement enables project teams to assess and understand the real impact of proposed changes before they are accepted.
  • How to engage external stakeholders with a round-trip change tracking capability to provide improved status reporting across the supply chain.
  • How to enable the re-use of unique requirements used in previous successful projects and processes to promote faster, higher-quality responses.

Simplify the management of large numbers of complex specifications across the project, facility, or enterprise

Hear more about how an integrated requirements management capability improves data-driven specification management through:

  • Document import and editing
  • Search and traceability
  • Approvals and workflow
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Reporting and analytics

Improve supply chain management with digital capabilities that improve transactional success rates, leading to improved project success rates

You'll also learn how with integrated requirements management, bid & tender processes can be simplified and accelerated by:

  • Improving contract clarity by centralizing "smart" specifications
  • Accelerate bid maturity by quickly resolving exceptions
  • Store and re-use bid information from prior successful programs
  • Improve audit trail capabilities to assist due diligence activities when required

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