Address NVH Engineering issues of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

オンデマンド・ウェビナー | 48 分

Deliver acoustic comfort tackling road noise, wind noise, sound quality, pass-by noise, and warning sounds

Acoustic comfort in an electric vehicle means tackling a host of new phenomena that weren’t on the radar in the past. The traditional focus on powertrain NVH is spreading towards a wide focus on road noise, wind noise, auxiliary systems. In combination with the continuous drive to higher energy efficiency, making car bodies lighter and therefore better noise transmitters, this ultimately complicates the engineering task.

This webinar provides insights on:

  • Road noise
  • Wind noise
  • Sound quality
  • Balancing different attributes as there may be conflicts arising
  • Considering exterior noise with pass-by noise and EV warning sounds

Watch this 45-minute webinar and discover how to combine different methodologies to improve the NVH of electric powertrains, illustrated by application examples.

Register now and go beyond just quieting the vehicle when improving the NVH of electric vehicles.