Multiphysics Simulation – embrace the complexity of industrial machinery


Drive innovation through multiphysics simulation

Multiphysics simulation

Digital transformation is enabling machine builders to keep pace with evolving customer requirements for increasingly customized products. At the same time, products are becoming more complex as they become smarter, lighter and more customized to specific end-user needs. To effectively survive and thrive with these challenges in a competitive global landscape, industrial machinery companies need to adopt advanced collaborative design and simulation solutions.

Optimize Machine Performance

Our Intelligent Performance Engineering solution helps solve complex industrial problems spanning all systems, enabling you to improve your innovation processes. Multi-Physics Simulation enables you to bring together a wide range of physics and disciplines under one umbrella so you can capture all the complexities of different types of physics, by bringing together the physical phenomena that can affect your machine’s performance.

Drive Innovation with Intelligent Performance Engineering

Leverage multi-physics simulation to help industrial machine manufacturers go from design to commissioning and beyond. With digital twin technology companies gain the ability to simulate multiple variables across physics domains to find the optimum balance between performance and energy efficiency.

In this on-demand webinar, we review the value of the Intelligent Performance Engineering solution and multi-physics simulation technology in greater detail to learn how to:

  • Capture and analyze all physics complexities to find better solutions to the challenges of smart machines and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Use 1D and 3D modeling to accurately simulate component performance with a range of variables, harness the power of the digital twin and build faster more efficient machines.
  • Validate mechatronics efficiently, early in the development phase, to reduce cycle times and costs.

Meet our Webinar Speakers for Intelligent Performance Engineering in Machinery & Manufacturing

Frans A.M. Adamowicz

産業機械向けソリューション・ディレクター , Siemens Digital Industries Software

Frans Adamowiczは、主要な戦略的イニシアティブとグローバルなビジネスの成長戦略を支えるチームのリーダーを支援する責務を担っています。産業機械業界のリーダーと緊密に連携しながら主要な取り組みを定め、ソリューションを開発し、この業界が直面している新たな課題へのソート・リーダーシップを提供しています。

Bill Butcher

シニア・マーケティング・マネージャー, Siemens Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry