Mass scaling of your sustainable and nutritious new food

ライブ・ウェビナー | 25 8月 2021 | 2:00 PM EST

How efficiently can you predict complex product and process performance in the virtual world?

Multiphysics simulation in the Food and Beverage

Register today to see several real-world applications of multiphysics simulation in the Food and Beverage Industry—Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Discrete Element Modeling (DEM), system simulation, and advanced process modeling—for maximizing food quality, and for scaling up key processes in food processing systems.

In this 30 minute session, you will learn more about the digital twin in Food and Beverage Industry and how to:

  • Utilize essential tools to guide process development
  • Derive the critical insights required when considering new types of foods/recipes, or new types of packaging
  • Derive deep insight into the complex behavior of food products as they are processed
  • Use simulation results to alleviate the need to build pilot scale facilities
  • Scale-up and virtual commissioning in the food & beverage

Meet the presenter:

Ravi Aglave

Director, Energy & Process Industries,, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dr. Ravindra Aglave has over 20 years of research and engineering experience in academia and industry in the area of reactor design, scale-up and troubleshooting. His expertise includes solving engineering problems using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), mixing & reaction engineering, combustion and reaction kinetics. He leads the energy and process industry sector in the Simulation & Test Solutions business unit at Siemens. He is responsible for bringing new modeling and physics knowledge in to CFD simulation code that can be deployed in the industry. Dr. Aglave has a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering and a Doctorate in Natural Sciences from University of Heidelberg, Germany. He serves on the technology operating council of AICHE and is member of ASME, ACS and Society of Chemical Engineering Japan.

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