Connect the digital enterprise with low-code composite applications

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Low-code apps can provide the personalized solution necessary to overcome challenges from product design to product usage and every step in between.

Get more out of industry software with low-code apps

Complexity. In addition to the many challenges manufacturers face today, mounting complexity is one that shows no signs of going away. To deal with the data, systems, processes and people of today, low-code apps can provide the personalized solution necessary to overcome challenges from product design to product usage and every step in between. 

You will learn:

  • How to leverage data and services from disparate solutions without the need for customizations
  • How to develop purpose built applications with ease that contextualize that data real time
  • How to use a single enterprise application to navigate through and adhere to key processes
  • How to Improve efficiency and collaboration by breaking down silos

Meet the presenters:

Beth Herr

Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Beth Herr has spent the past three years helping Siemens customers learn how to use cloud solutions to start their digitalization journey. Currently, focused on IoT & Lifecycle Analytics and Low-Code Application Development, Beth is responsible for learning about the problems faced in Industry and then teaching how Xcelerator solutions can help solve them. She has been with Siemens Digital Industries Software for nine years.

Peter De Moerloose

Mendixゾーンイネーブルメント担当ディレクター, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Peter De Moerlooseは、シーメンス傘下のMendixゾーンイネーブルメント担当ディレクターとして、産業分野の顧客が変革への正しい道のりを見出し、デジタライゼーションの目標を達成する手助けをしています。シーメンスには勤続25年以上を数え、製品ライフサイクルおよび製造オペレーション管理のソリューションを提供するデジタル・エンタープライズのポートフォリオを実現してきました。現在は、アメリカのMendix責任者として、クラウドのパワーと、市場をリードする高速アプリケーション開発環境をシーメンスのXceleratorユーザーに届けています。

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