On-Demand Session 2: Integrated design and multibody analysis for off-road vehicles

オンデマンド・ウェビナー | 87 分

OD Session 2: Integrated design and multibody analysis for off-road vehicles – 90 mins

Discover how to quickly analyze and optimize the behaviour of off-road vehicles and equipment design in real operational scenarios. Ascertain performance before committing to expensive physical prototype testing. Boost your machine productivity whilst maintaining the required precision. The automotive industry is going through major disruptive changes. Advanced driver-assistance systems, vehicle electrifications and internal processes efficiency reviews are some of the technologies OEMs and suppliers are forced to adopt and integrate in their designs. In this fast-changing scenario, automotive vendors must adapt to current challenges while improving and innovating to secure future business. Early prediction of product behavior, using digital twins, has become crucial for keeping up with the market trends, maintain high profitability, reduce warranty costs and sustain brand recognition. This workshop will demonstrate how to build different off-road MBS models from concept to validation comprising vehicle dynamics and operation of different subsystems, considering rigid and flexible mechanisms with actuators and control additions.

Watch the recording to get insights on how to:

  • Explore safety limits without putting people or costly equipment at risk
  • Gain full understanding in the internal loads acting on mechanical components to assess their strength and fatigue life
  • Decide on the dimension motors and actuators needed to provide the desired mechanism motion and minimize energy consumption
  • Calibrate your actuators and controls before having a physical prototype


  • General considerations: scope, targets, means available
  • Preparing the simulation model. Simplifications and assumptions
  • Defining contacts, connections and boundary conditions
  • Actuators and controls
  • Defining the loading scenario (maneuvers of interest)
  • Post-processing
  • What-if scenarios (modifications effect study)

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Iurie Terna

Senior Presales Solution Consultant, Simcenter 3D Simulation, Siemens Digital Industries Software