Building the infrastructure for holistic, end-to-end manufacturing

オンデマンド・ウェビナー | 50 分

Learn how the digital evolution is driving a digital manufacturing revolution

Siemens-Smart manufacturing vision for electronics and mechanical assembly

For millions of years, our minds and bodies have been evolving and adapting to dynamic environments. We've overcome the complex evolutionary fine-tuning process by continuously adapting to integrate into our surroundings.

As we transition further into this digital age, the question arises – can the digital ecosystem support us as the natural ecosystem did in the past?

How can we ensure that our electronic devices support the future needs of our bodies and minds? These are big questions that demand big picture, multidisciplinary answers.

Is end-to-end manufacturing the answer to today’s complex manufacturing landscape?

As we rely more heavily on electronic devices in our daily lives, we see them becoming more complex, highly customized, and innovative. Producing these types of devices today requires an entirely different, holistic approach.

Managing PCB production and box-build (assembly) as a holistic, end-to-end process gives manufacturers the opportunity to boost efficiency and shorten time-to-market. But how do manufacturers adapt and build a smart and agile end-to-end manufacturing process? What tools do they need to make it work?

How to better integrate electronics and mechanical assembly processes for a faster TTM

Traditionally, in manufacturing, there is a separation that exists between electronics and mechanical manufacturing elements. This separation creates siloes of data and disconnected processes – one company or location designs the product, produces the PCB, and another has the final product (box-build) assembly.

In this webinar, you will learn about overcoming one of the significant hurdles in taking a complex product from design into manufacturing. We'll dive into the challenges surrounding the intersection between electronics and mechanical assembly. We will also describe the holistic ways manufacturers can better prepare for this digital evolution.

Optimize PCB and mechanical assembly processes to reduce manufacturing defects

Managing printed circuit board (PCB) production and box-build (assembly) as a holistic, end-to-end process allows manufacturers to reduce manufacturing defects and boost efficiency to shorten time-to-market. Register for the webinar to learn how manufacturers can build a smart and agile end-to-end manufacturing process. Gain an understanding of the tools they need to make it work.

Oren Manor

電子機器製造ビジネス開発担当ディレクター , Siemens Digital Industries Software

Oren Manorは、シーメンス傘下のメンターのValor部門でビジネス開発担当ディレクターを務め、Valorのエンジニアリングおよびプリプロダクション・ツール、パートナーシップ、およびOEM対応を統括しています。組み込みソフトウェアおよび産業ソフトウェアの営業・マーケティングの分野で15年を超える経験があります。前職では、Jungoの組み込みコネクティビティー事業部門のグローバルセールスおよびマーケティング担当ディレクターを務めていました。同社はNDSとCiscoに買収されています。また、重工業機械製品向けCPQ (製品構成、価格設定、見積もり) のSaaS型クラウドベース・ソリューションであるSignature-ITのセールスおよびマーケティング担当バイスプレジデントも務めました。