Optimizing mirror-induced wind noise using aerodynamics simulation

オンデマンド・ウェビナー | 29 分

How to capture the physics of wind-induced acoustics focusing on side mirror noise

External aerodynamics wind noise simulation

Electric vehicle manufacturers intent on maximizing passenger comfort must consider the acoustics inside the cabin. With conventional engines, the primary noise source comes from the powertrain. For electrical vehicles, road-noise, HVAC noise, and external wind-induced noise become the main critical noise sources manufacturers are looking to reduce. One significant source of internal noise is generated by the side mirror (wing mirror). Design teams can mitigate noise issues by using simulation early in the design process – even before building the first physical prototype.

In this webinar, our experts will focus on how engineers can simulate external wind noise, propagate the noise into the cabin, and determine the noise level heard by the passengers.

Accelerating design decisions using improved CFD simulation workflows

During this session, we focus on the airflow around the side view mirror and cover:

  • How to properly design numerical models to capture noise sources
  • The physics model needed in the design
  • Workflow automation to help designers quickly look at new vehicles

About the speakers:

Frederick Ross

Frederick Ross

自動車および輸送機器のSimcenterソリューション担当ディレクター, Siemens Digital Industries Software


Peter Altmann

Peter Altmann

車両空気力学アプリケーションスペシャリスト, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Peter Altmannは機械工学の理学士号と、エネルギー科学の修士号を取得しています。シニア・アプリケーション・エンジニアとしてシーメンスに2012年に入社、複雑なジオメトリ処理や、空気力学、熱管理を担当してきました。現在は、車両空気力学アプリケーションスペシャリストであり、Simcenter STAR-CCM+製品管理チームの一員です。

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