Automotive Industry Cost & Profitability Analysis during new product development and introduction

オンデマンド・ウェビナー | 20 分

Effective cost and profitability analysis is vital to the automotive industry. What if you could do accurate cost and profitability analysis based on facts rather than opinions?

Competition is increasing, with companies fighting for the same customers in a global marketplace. If you’re in the automotive business, you need to introduce new products more often, while managing higher customer expectations and increased price pressure.

In a competitive situation, if you estimate your product costs unrealistically low to win an order, you risk financial loss. Just as risky, an over-estimation of costs can result in loss of orders.

What if you could do accurate cost and profitability analysis based on facts rather than opinions? Precise product cost management is essential for your business to survive. Learn how to take control of automotive cost and profitability analysis by attending our 20 minutes webinar “Product profitability management within the NPDI phase.” You will see how a cross-functional collaborative product cost management solution can help your company define profitability at an early stage of the product lifecycle. With a concurrent cost management methodology, your company can get in-time detailed cost analysis and scenario models, which help you manage cost risk and improve product profitability. You will learn how to provide your business leaders with the accurate information they need to make good decisions, such as how to tailor offerings and set competitive prices for your customers.

You will learn about:

  • Current challenges in automotive industry cost management
  • Risks and impact of inaccurate cost and profitability analysis
  • The way forward beyond serial costing
  • Project and product profitability analysis
  • Facts rather than opinions - clear, current and target focused metrics

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