Test the upcoming NX software release from home.

NX EAP Testing 2020

With the March NX Beta event effected by the current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, we at Siemens were able to provide our NX beta event 100% virtually. All of our Beta participants were able to contribute and participate from homes. We are building on the successful implementation of a virtual beta event, and rolling forward with our userbase during the NX Early Access Program (EAP).

At NX EAP Testing, participants get a first look at the upcoming NX release and learn all of the benefits that come with the new NX continuous release schedule. Users also gain access directly to the NX team with their inquiries receiving fast turnaround. With the NX EAP you can test your own workflows against the latest and greatest to hit NX and prepare to Deploy when the new NX Release drops. To ensure that we are being as responsive to new ideas and trends in technology that align with our customers, we need to hear from you!

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