CAD on Mobile Devices: Is it Ready? Do we Need It?

Whether you’re on the shop floor or at a customer site, sometimes when you need your CAD data the most is when you’re farthest away from it. But despite vendors touting “design anywhere” capabilities, access to CAD functionality from your mobile device often leaves you with imprecise control, limited functionality, and massive frustration.

With recent advances in smartphone and tablet technology, are mobile devices finally ready to support full CAD functionality…and more importantly, are CAD programs ready to step up to the challenge?

This eBook will help you understand what you can expect from CAD on mobile devices, and what you should look for—including compute power, interaction style and performance and usability.

What’s inside?

  • Criteria for evaluating mobile capabilities, including examples to help you understand the impact that mobile functionality could have on your work
  • A glossary of interaction styles to help you understand how using CAD on mobile devices can be different (and even better) than CAD on your desktop
  • Case studies to help you understand how real companies are taking advantage of CAD mobility—and how their experiences could apply to you.

About the Author
Chad Jackson is an analyst, researcher and blogger with Lifecycle Insights, providing insights on technologies that enable engineering, including CAD, CAE, PDM & PLM.

 CAD on Mobile Devices
CAD on Mobile Devices

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