Sokol Flex OS

A comprehensive commercial embedded Linux platform based on the Yocto Project

Simcenter Testlab Neo

SokolTM Flex OSは、商業的サポートがある、拡張可能でカスタマイズ可能なLinux®プラットフォームであり、チームの迅速かつ効率的な生産性向上を可能にします。このソリューションは、業界標準かつ柔軟性の高いYocto Project®をベースに、高度なツールと統合され、独自の技術で補完され、シーメンスの組み込みLinux業界のリーダーによって広範囲にテストおよびサポートされています。コンシューマー、産業、医療、航空宇宙、消費財産業などの分野に最適です。

Sokol Flex OS

SokolTM Flex OSは、商業的サポートがある、拡張可能でカスタマイズ可能なLinux®プラットフォームであり、チームの迅速かつ効率的な生産性向上を可能にします。このソリューションは、業界標準かつ柔軟性の高いYocto Project®をベースに、高度なツールと統合され、独自の技術で補完され、シーメンスの組み込みLinux業界のリーダーによって広範囲にテストおよびサポートされています。コンシューマー、産業、医療、航空宇宙、消費財産業などの分野に最適です。

Commercial Platform supported by trusted experts

Siemens Embedded serves as a trusted extension to embedded development teams. By leveraging the embedded Linux experts at Siemens Embedded, development teams can mitigate risk and maximize the probability of success of their Linux-based projects. Siemens Embedded expert support, training, and professional services include basic support, updates and upgrades, patches to critical security defects, platform extensions, basic and customized training, and long-term support.

Rich Development Tools

Sokol Flex OS is built upon the framework of Sourcery™ CodeBench, containing an industry-proven commercial quality toolchain and associated utilities. This removes the uncertainty of relying on a free unsupported toolchain. Highlights of Sourcery CodeBench integration include:

  • A fully integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Commercially supported toolchain
  • Advanced software insight and analysis tools
  • Comprehensive debugging of applications, kernel modules, and the kernel
  • Support for Arm®, x86, and RISC-V

Focus on Security

Siemens understands that protecting your critical assets and those of your customer’s is business critical. Each customer project has unique requirements; therefore, we offer a wide range of security solutions customizable to meet the needs of any security risk profile.

  • Out of box Support for encryption, SSL, SSH, TLS/DTLS, firewall, and much more
  • Support for policy management and access control tools including SELinux and SMACK
  • Secure boot mechanisms
  • Secure update mechanisms

Embedded Expertise

With over 20 years of history in embedded, Siemens understands the needs of embedded developers. This enterprise class solution is extensible, configurable, and portable across processer architectures and enables security throughout the OS.

Secure Software Update and Application Isolation

Embedded developers can stay up to date with available security patches and product updates, enabling enterprise-class standardization and maintenance. This solution provides support for secure field updates using SWUpdate, application isolations using Docker containers, Customers will thereby realize the cost efficiencies related to remotely maintaining and updating their devices.

IoT and Cloud Enabled

Siemens' Embedded Linux solutions provide support for industry-standard cloud and IoT technologies including SokolTM IoT Framework Add-on and a multi-cloud solution that enables secure IoT architectures

QT Graphics

Support for rich user interfaces using Qt® is provided in the OS. The Qt framework is optimized for performance and instrumented to enable users to identify common UI performance issues. Users can identify startup time, latencies, and other performance issues using the Sourcery Analyzer development tools which are bundled with the Sourcery CodeBench IDE.

Architecture Support

Sokol Flex OS supports leading embedded processor architectures such as ARM, PowerPC, AMD x86, Intel x86; and now with the Q1 2023 release, Sokol Flex OS becomes the first commercially-supported Yocto solution for RISC-V development.