04 October 2004

Perm Engine Company Selects eMPower Solutions for Improved Quality in Manufacturing

HERZLIA, Israel, Oct 4, 2004 -- Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. (TCNO), the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), announced today that Perm Engine Company, one of Russia’s leading aerospace engine manufacturers, has selected and implemented eMPower(TM) Quality software to automate and improve quality and tolerance management operations in the manufacture of aircraft jet engines. eMPower Quality provides powerful, integrated shop-floor data collection and analysis functionality, to help manufacturers improve yields and reduce defects in real time, reducing inspection turn-around and relieving bottlenecks in the Quality area. Perm has rolled out a comprehensive suite of eMPower Quality solutions, including eM-ProbeCAD for creating off-line inspection programs within its UniGraphics NX environment, and eM-Qualify to analyze inspection data vis-a-vis CAD geometry. Going forward, Perm plans to make eMPower Quality the standard tolerance management solution for all of its Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and on the factory floor. Perm will use these eMPower Quality solutions to help speed part measurement preparation and to maintain all part model tolerance information. These eMPower tools will also provide Perm inspectors with a universal interface for all CMMs, enabling uniform, reliable analysis of tolerances and replacing their manual system of data collection and analysis. "The eMPower products we’ve implemented are a significant improvement over our previous system," said Mr. Vladimir A. Pugatchev, deputy director of the information technology department of Perm Engine Company. "Thanks to the eMPower Quality suite, our CMMs and inspectors are now all working on a common platform, benefiting from uniform, precise analysis on the factory floor while cutting overall manufacturing time. When we can save money and time, our customers can do the same, and Tecnomatix is providing us with the tools to make it happen." "Today’s manufacturing environment requires companies to get more customized products to market faster than ever before," said Jaron Lotan, president and CEO of Tecnomatix Technologies. "At the same time, sacrificing quality for speed is unacceptable - and companies like Perm know this and are actively adapting their systems to meet the market demand for high-quality, customized products. The eMPower Quality suite of solutions is designed specifically to address these issues, and Tecnomatix is pleased to help our customers produce the best products they can and deliver them on time, with the utmost confidence." About Perm Engine Company Since 1934, Perm aerospace engine companies have been among Russia’s and the world’s industry leaders. Perm Engine Company is the only company in Russia producing the 4th-generation PS-90A engine. Originally developed to satisfy demands for increased economy, performance and exhaust emissions control for a new generation of Russian airliners, the PS-90 engine almost doubled the efficiency of older engines and brought Russian airliners to a level comparable to Western engine design. The PS-90A brought new levels of power, economy and range to Russian airliners, with performance comparable to such Western engines as Pratt & Whitney’s PW2000 and Rolls-Royce’s RB211.