Cologne, Germany, 22 February 2021

Siemens embraces low-code, certifying thousands of employees on Mendix platform

The Mendix platform helps enable IT and business to work together collaboratively to build applications needed to run the business.

  • Mendix low-code platform, an integral part of the Xcelerator portfolio, is quickly becoming the low-code platform of choice for industrial companies
  • Siemens and Mendix to present at Hamburg IT Strategy Days, February 22 to 26
Siemens has used its Mendix™ low-code platform to create more than 100 applications in less than a year by empowering over 10,000 employees as Mendix users and more than 1,000 as Rapid and Advanced Developers. The Mendix low-code application development platform is at the core of the cloud services in Siemens’ Xcelerator™ portfolio of software and services and is fast becoming a leader and trendsetter for the industrial, manufacturing, and process industries. Siemens will discuss how it has used Mendix to accelerate application development and present use case examples at the Hamburg IT Strategy Days 2021 event this month.
The Mendix platform helps enable IT and business to work together collaboratively to build applications needed to run the business. By leveraging the App Factory concept, which provides business and professional developers access to pre-built building blocks that enable them to quickly add functionality and features to the applications they are building, Mendix is accelerating application development. App Factories are one of many ways that low-code technology, as part of Siemens' industrial software offering, can meet the increasing demand for rapid digitalization for IoT and Industry 4.0.  Employees without programming knowledge can participate as citizen developers, bringing their business domain knowledge and expertise to the process to both accelerate development and help enable finished applications to solve the business problem the first time, reducing rework and more quickly delivering business value. Siemens Global Business Services (GBS), used the Mendix low-code platform to build numerous solutions. For example, GBS developed a freight claim management application which supplements logistics data from various data sources to recourse claims as a service.
For Siemens CIO Hanna Hennig, the Mendix platform and the effort of citizen developers are a typical success story inside Siemens’ strategy for the future: "Progress needs growth mindset and empowerment. As a Siemens subsidiary, Mendix has the freedom to grow independently, for example in non-industrial sectors, while Siemens can be the bridge to the industrial sector, where low-code can play a relevant role. With its App-Factory-Framework, Mendix provides a comprehensive approach to scale into organizations and create value return of investment. At the same time, Siemens benefits from the ingenuity of Citizen Developers in the organization that develops fascinating new digital processes and products for the business.”
Siemens and Mendix, with their partners, will have a strong presence at Hamburg IT Strategy Days 2021 with these and other presentations by Siemens leadership and customers:
  • The keynote by Siemens CIO Hanna Hennig on the topic of "The Convergence of OT and IT – Physical Meets Virtual World" (Feb 23)
  • The CIO Forum "Hyperautomation And Innovation: Low-Code Development at The Heart of Change" (Feb 25) with Tom Alby, Chief Digital Officer Euler Hermes Germany, and Sven Fleischer, Global Team Lead Digital Application Platforms, Continental AG
  • The CIO Roundtable with Sven Fleischer on the topic of "Low-Code Development: Nice-To-Have or Forward-Looking for Mission-Critical Applications?" (Feb 23) 
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