Paris, France, 17 June 2019

Siemens introduces Integrated Program Planning and Execution Solution for Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense companies can improve the ability to execute on cost and schedule by using an integrated system that manages all program artifacts.

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces Integrated Program Planning and Execution (IPP&E) for the Aerospace and Defense industry, a solution designed to help companies in these industries gain competitive advantages to win and execute programs in a more effective and profitable manner. IPP&E provides a systems approach to program planning and execution by integrating cost, schedule and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management software solution. 
Today’s aerospace and defense companies face increased cost and schedule pressures on as they execute on new programs. Companies need to provide accurate and complete bids to reduce proposal expenses and risks, and help control program costs and schedules during program execution. A common and reusable approach to project planning uses historical data to improve Basis of Estimates by evaluating historical costs, schedule and risks, improving the accuracy of bids and business cases and drive improvements in overall program performance.
The new solution enables aerospace manufacturers to start new programs quickly by reusing experience, risks and artifacts from past projects through a common work breakdown structure. Estimates can be created based on past performance, integrating cost, schedule, requirements, processes, inputs, and outputs for a complete work package definition. It provides a single source for all program estimating and execution information, including risk and opportunity management to successfully deliver programs in the current environment, ultimately improving profits, reputation and the ability to invest in and win new programs.
For more information, please see: Integrated Program Planning & Execution.