On-Demand Webinar Series: Quality Management in Manufacturing

Advantages of Closed Loop Manufacturing for the Heavy Equipment Industry

The Heavy Equipment industry is introducing smarter more automated products at a rapid pace to meet market demands. Robotics and embedded technologies have become an integral part of specialty equipment for material handling, construction, mining and agricultural applications. A closed loop manufacturing approach to new product introduction and manufacturing can speed time to market while maintaining fidelity to quality and compliance requirements.

In this webinar around closed loop manufacturing, we will address some of these challenges.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Failure Effects Mode Analysis (FMEA) tools can help you to:

  • Track and communicate status and actions throughout the design and new product introduction process
  • Leverage a tree structure methodology to develop and measure the effectiveness of Design and Process FMEAs
  • Transfer critical characteristics to control plans to assure accurate risk assessment for embedded technologies for cyber intrusion and intentional misuse
  • Achieve incremental improvements quickly with real time data feedback post handoff to production.

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