Attend a Machinery Academy

イベント | 06 11月 2019 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Siemens, Sir William Siemens House, Princess Road, Manchester, M20 2UR

In today’s political climate, it is essential that the UK remains at the heart of global digital transformation.

Technology providers, industry and educational bodies must work together to make technology accessible for all. Attend our Machinery Academy in Manchester where we will investigate industry challenges and facilitate open discussion addressing these challenges. Over the next decade, automation is set to take 1 in 3 jobs in the UK’s industrial centres. Companies that do not transform their operations to embrace digital technology will be at risk.

An example of this is the commissioning of a new production machine, cell, or line which is a crucial phase of a project. This demonstrates whether the overall system – consisting of mechanics, electrical systems, and automation – will operate as planned. Unplanned behavior can quickly lead to delays and high costs – virtual commissioning greatly reduces this risk.

Want to know more? Join our Machinery Academy in Manchester where we will investigate industry challenges and facilitate open discussion to allow you to share your ideas with your peers. Find out how quickly your business can implement a digital twin with off the shelf technology.

The questions we'll explore

During the workshop we will focus on strategic questions such as:

  • What is meant by “digital twins” and how can they benefit your business?
  • What skills do you need to develop to gain maximum returns from next-generation machine design?
  • Where can your business get technical and financial support in transforming your approach using digitalisation?
  • How can machines/lines/factories be designed to deliver optimised quality and efficiency?
  • How can digital technology enable flexibility and innovation and reduce time to market?

About the Machinery Academies

At Siemens, we recognise that education is the key for the UK to address the challenge of automation. The academies are a new initiative being launched by Siemens PLM Software to bring together diverse machinery builders in a collaborative environment to discuss the impact of digitalisation and automation. We will discuss opportunities that may be realised from new technologies relating to design, build and operation of machinery. We will explore a wide range of topics with time allocated to openly discuss areas that are important to you, and to share your ideas.

The workshop will include a tour of our brand new factory automation demonstration suite in Manchester. A networking lunch will be provided.

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