Accelerate Electric Industry Seminar

イベント | 27 8月 2019 8:00 AM GMT+7
Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka

Optimizing electrified vehicle engineering performance and manufacturing

The implementation of government policies to meet fuel economy and emission targets has accelerate development of Vehicle Electrification; with the automotive and heavy machinery industry and their supply-chain racing to adopt it.  

The key to success for engineering and manufacturing electric vehicles is to develop fast, ensure profitability, while making them desirable to consumers.

Join us and learn to leverage the digital twins to reduce development time and deliver high quality solutions, while being able to adapt to changes easily at every stage of the process.

We will discuss:

  • Battery Design and Electric Drive 
  • Attribute Optimization of Energy & Thermal Management, Acoustics & NVH
  • Component Light-weighting and Vehicle Aerodynamics
  • Closed Loop Manufacturing