How to reduce development cost and time of your heavy equipment without compromising on durability, efficiency and operator comfort

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Increasing the test efficiency of your machine’s durability and NVH performance using a single platform

Noise comfort durability
Noise comfort durability

Agricultural, construction, and mining equipment manufacturers are under constant pressure to deliver machines with ever-increasing power, uptime, and productivity in harsh environments while meeting emissions reduction targets and regulations standards. It is crucial to test, validate, optimize and certify machines within the constraints of shorter testing cycles, conflicting performance requirements, growing product complexity and reduced costs.

One of the key attributes that manufacturers have to consider when bringing a competitive machine to the market is its reliability, by ensuring structural integrity and durability. However, durability performance should not be improved at the cost of the operator’s comfort and safety. Parallel to excelling at durability evaluation, manufacturing designs must meet regulation requirements of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and with even improved situation of operator’s safety and comfort to gain competitive advantage. Designing top-of-the-line machines considers troubleshooting for NVH and systematic engineering methods to predict the performance as early as possible.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • reduce costs up to more than 30% thanks to a single testing platform covering durability, NVH and comfort
  • increase productivity by implementing smart test processes
  • accelerate innovation by predicting the performance as early as possible
  • improve collaboration by reducing gap between test and simulation

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