Embracing the digital engineering revolution in Aerospace and Defense with Model-Based Systems Engineering

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Aerospace and Defense companies face several challenges in systems engineering processes. These include difficulty in managing document-centric systems, integration of complex systems and supplier relationships, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Orchestrate your technical program using system modeling to:

  • Define product architecture and requirements
  • Explore design space
  • Design interfaces
  • Manage integrations
  • Test virtually
  • Verify the product fulfills the compliance to requirements

In this FlightGlobal hosted digital engineering webinar, you will learn:

Embracing the digital engineering revolution is the way forward for the Aerospace and Defence industry, as one of the most effective technological capabilities that enable design teams to work collaboratively and more productively.

Key benefits of using digital engineering technologies:

According to FlightGlobal’s article on this webinar, digital engineering and manufacturing processes have already revolutionized how Aerospace products are designed and built. These processes are said to deliver up to 30% cost savings. Please listen to our expert panel to learn how.

Meet our experts, who discuss digital engineering and model-based systems engineering in the Aerospace Industry:

  • Dale Tutt, Vice President of Aerospace and Defense Industry, Siemens Digital Industries Software
  • Andy Schofield, Manufacturing Technology Director, BAE Systems
  • Paul Niewald, Senior Director / T-7A Chief Engineer, Boeing