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Industrializing Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing through an Integrated, End-to-end Process

Webinar su richiesta | 45 minuti

Learn more about the full potential of additive manufacturing 3d printing, and how to robust process that integrates additive design, engineering, manufacturing planning, and production functions.

An engineer working on topology optimization using Siemens additive manufacturing 3d printing software

In this webinar, we take a deeper dive into how Siemens software for 3d printing is meeting this challenge head-on by creating a full end-to-end additive manufacturing production system:

  • Learn how the additive manufacturing market is moving from prototyping to full production.
  • See how a tightly integrated system reduces the complexity of the additive manufacturing 3D printing process.
  • Realize the benefits of an unbroken digital thread from additive design to manufacturing.
  • Understand the factors driving the additive manufacturing market towards sustainable, repeatable, quality industrial processes to meet the demands of the marketplace.

The topic of additive manufacturing 3d printing will be useful for:

Designers, engineers, analysts, and manufacturers, who address the challenges to transform their businesses, products, and processes with additive manufacturing (AM) software for 3d printing.

Meet our expert Ashley Eckhoff to examine additive manufacturing 3D printing technologies

Ashley has worked for Siemens for over 20 years in several capacities. He has spent the last three years deep-diving into additive design and manufacturing, initially at NX Product Manager and now as a Marketing Manager for the Manufacturing Engineering group.

Having an industrialized additive manufacturing process is the key to realizing the full potential of additive manufacturing. This webinar is the second in a series showing how Siemens is at the forefront of this new technology and how the products we provide can help you and your company to realize the potential of additive manufacturing.

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