An introduction to Engineer-to-Order process automation for Industrial Machinery using Rulestream

Webinar su richiesta | 50 minuti

Matteo Pulli from Siemens and Ilkka Karvonen from IDEAL PLM, share trends in the development of industrial machinery and the opportunities these trends bring.

With a focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by Engineer-to-Order (ETO) manufacturers, Matteo and Illka will outline the “whys” and “hows” in this introductory presentation on Siemens Digital Industry Software Engineer-to-Order software solution called Rulestream.

We will explain how Rulestream is used by ETO organizations to improve proposal and order lead times, margin predictability, bid and win rates.

Breakdown of agenda:

  • Matteo Pulli from Siemens Digital Industry Software will give an overview of the Rulestream software.
  • Ilkka Karvonen, Business Developer at IDEAL PLM, will discuss the use of the Rulestream software from a Nordic perspective.
  • Carl Enarsson from Seco Tools will discuss how they are able to streamline their Engineer to Order process.
  • Discussions