Solid Edge University Global Schedule

Solid Edge University 2021-2022

Virtual and physical Solid Edge University (and similar customer user events) are being held around the globe during 2022, offering Solid Edge users the opportunity to learn first-hand what’s new in Solid Edge, improve their productivity, and network with other users.

Events are being added weekly. Please check back periodically or join the mailing list to receive the latest Solid Edge University updates.

United States & Canada

Cincinnati (Partner: Prolim) October 28, 2021 Completed
Toronto (Partner: Designfusion) November 23, 2021 Completed
Montreal (Partner: Designfusion) February 10, 2022 Completed
Cleveland (Partner: CAM Logic) March 10, 2022 Completed
St. Louis (Partner: Swoosh) April 13, 2022 Register Here
Americas (Realize LIVE) May 9-12, 2022 Register Here
Chicago (Partner: Designfusion) Coming soon Coming soon

Central & South America

Brazil (Portuguese) March 22, 2022 Register Here
Latin America (Spanish) March 24, 2022 Register Here

Asia Pacific

Japan (Solid Edge University) December 15, 2021 Completed
Korea January 18, 2022 Completed
South East Asia January 20, 2022 Completed
India February 24, 2022 Completed
Taiwan (Partner: CADEX) April 22, 2022 Register Here
China (Realize LIVE) June 2022 Coming soon
Japan (Realize LIVE) July 13-14, 2022 Coming soon


France January 18, 2022 Completed
Germany (DACH) April 27-28, 2022 Register Here
Europe (Realize LIVE) May 31 - June 2, 2022 Register Here
Russia TBD Coming soon