02 June 2020

Siemens updates Simcenter system simulation solutions

The latest release of Simcenter system simulation solutions accelerates innovation with customizable and application specific workflows.

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the latest release of the Simcenter™ system simulation solutions. These system simulation solutions, part of the Simcenter™ software portfolio, help enable engineers to rapidly build models before the first physical prototype becomes available, and thereby optimize the interactions between mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, electric and electronic systems. With this update the Simcenter system simulation solutions become even more customizable and easy to use. Simcenter is part of the Xcelerator portfolio, Siemens’ integrated portfolio of software, services and application development platform.
With the latest release of Simcenter system simulation solutions, each solution has been updated to help accelerate innovation, increase collaboration and enhance productivity to meet rapidly changing customer and market needs. 
  • Simcenter™ Amesim™ software now brings more accuracy and speed for setup, measurements and simulation results. For example, improvements to the gas turbine performance tool within Simcenter Amesim help reduce model set-up time by up to a factor of 100, helping accelerate innovation. 
  • The new side-by-side install allows users to run different Simcenter™ Flomaster™ software versions on the same client, helping boost collaboration and efficiency. Users can now start new projects, taking advantage of the new capabilities of the latest version while maintaining approved versions for old projects. 
  • The latest version of Simcenter™ System Analyst software allows automation of model configurations. In a few clicks, users can configure and parameterize a model in the task pad. 
  • Simcenter™ System Architect software now streamlines the user experience by the extension of attributes on Simulation Templates and Instrumented Models. 
  • Simcenter™ Webapp Server version now supports Functional Mock-up Units (FMU) along with native Simcenter Amesim models. The model owner can generate standalone FMU 2.0 for co-simulation within his authoring tool and upload it onto Simcenter Webapp Server. 
  • Simcenter Sysdm™ software can now integrate with Simcenter System Analyst to provide traceability and consistency of resources that are shared among simulation architects, domain experts and project engineers. 
For more information on the latest release of Simcenter system simulation solutions, please click here.   

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