08 October 2012

Siemens to Acquire Kineo CAM, an Industry Leader in Computer-Aided Motion Software

NUREMBERG, October 8, 2012 - Siemens acquires Kineo CAM, headquartered in Toulouse, France, a leading provider of computer-aided motion software. Already today Kineo CAM’s solutions are proven components of Siemens PLM software products, maximizing customer productivity in various industries by optimizing motion, collision avoidance and path planning. Through the acquisition Siemens will be able to further enhance the computer-aided motion capabilities of its software and strengthen Siemens’ ability to grow market share. The newly acquired company has over 200 customers worldwide and after closing will be assigned to the PLM Software Business Unit. The relevant agreement was signed today. The purchase price will not be disclosed.

For twelve years, Kineo CAM has been developing state of the art software solutions for applications in various industries such as automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding by optimizing robotic movements and path planning for the assembly and disassembly of parts. For example, in the automotive industry, by using Kineo CAM software modules a car manufacturer can better plan how to install an item, such as a car seat or a dashboard, and how to disassemble it again for maintenance. In other use cases the software modules from Kineo CAM help to optimize motion and path planning for robotic movements.

“By acquiring Kineo CAM we add another advanced technology to our PLM portfolio. This technology enables our customers to make better informed decisions about their products, and to devise manufacturing, maintenance and repair strategies”, says Chuck Grindstaff, CEO and president of Siemens' PLM Software Business Unit. “Kineo CAM provides key components that are already leveraged in our core products, NX, Teamcenter and Tecnomatix. In addition, we will be gaining a team of world-class specialists into our Open Tools team. These experts will continue to partner with Siemens’ PLM product groups as well as other companies that have standardized on the technology."

Kineo CAM software products are delivered as application software to end-users and as software libraries to CAD and CAM software vendors and OEMs of advanced robotic systems. The two companies plan to continue with all the current Kineo CAM product lines.

“We are proud and enthusiastic to join the Siemens PLM organization which is a worldwide leader in the software component market”, says Laurent Maniscalco, CEO of Kineo CAM. “Being part of such a global organization, which operates in the same markets as we do today, will ensure a stronger proximity with our current customers and a larger audience for our software technology. Enjoying excellent and long relationships with Siemens PLM teams, we are confident of a smooth and efficient integration process that will benefit our customers and our team.”

The Siemens Industry Automation Division has now acquired a number of software companies and, in so doing, has consolidated its leading position in the industrial software market. All the firms concerned are leading suppliers in their respective segment: namely, UGS (USA, 2007), Innotec (Germany, 2008), Elan Software Systems (France, 2009), Active Tecnologia em Sistemas de Automação (Brazil, 2011), Vistagy (USA, 2011), IBS AG (Germany, 2012), Perfect Costing Solutions GmbH (Germany, 2012) and VRcontext International S.A. (Belgium, 2012).

For further information, please visit www.siemens.com/automation

About Kineo CAM

Kineo CAM is the independent software developer of the worldwide leading technology for automatic motion and path planning, KineoWorks™. Specialized in the development of advanced solutions, Kineo CAM provides business solutions to large companies and organizations in the United States, Europe and Japan. Its main market is Mechanical Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing and Robotics. In these areas, the large range of solutions, from stand-alone to fully integrated software, enables users to save money, shorten development time and increase quality in Product Design (validation of mechanical mounting/dismounting) and Process (simulation of operations in cluttered 3D environments). Kineo CAM is the winner of the national contest of innovation from the Ministry of Research and Technology (2000), received the IEEE/IFR Innovation Award for Outstanding Achievements in Commercializing Innovative Robot and Automation technology (2005), winner of the 2007 Innovation ICT Prize from the European Commission and the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies & Engineering. For more information, visit www.kineocam.com

About Siemens Industry Sector

The Siemens Industry Sector (Erlangen, Germany) is the world’s leading supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly products and solutions for industrial customers. With end-to-end automation technology and industrial software, solid vertical-market expertise, and technology-based services, the Sector enhances its customers’ productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. With a global workforce of more than 100,000 employees, the Industry Sector comprises the Divisions Industry Automation, Drive Technologies and Customer Services as well as the Business Unit Metals Technologies. For more information, visit www.siemens.com/industry

About Siemens Industry Automation Division

The Siemens Industry Automation Division (Nuremberg, Germany) supports the entire value chain of its industrial customers – from product design to production and services – with an unmatched combination of automation technology, industrial control technology, and industrial software. With its software solutions, the Division can shorten the time-to-market of new products by up to 50 percent. Industry Automation comprises five Business Units: Industrial Automation Systems, Control Components and Systems Engineering, Sensors and Communications, Siemens PLM Software, and Water Technologies. For more information, visit www.siemens.com/industryautomation

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