28 November 2016

Mentor Graphics FloEFD Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Technology Attributed to NASCAR Championship Win

WILSONVILLE, Ore., Nov. 28, 2016—Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced that its FloEFD™ computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology was used to improve the performance of the racecar driven by Anthony Kumpen of Belgium, who was crowned the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Champion this month. Voxdale, a design, engineering and research firm that focuses on innovative systems and products, worked with Kumpen on his racecar, a PK Carsport Chevrolet SS, using Mentor Graphics® FloEFD technology for aerodynamic engineering.

The team at Voxdale investigated how Kumpen’s race car’s performance could be improved. Since NASCAR is a closed racing series with a tight rule book and stringent regulations, the body work, manifolds, or engine parts could not be altered. However, using CFD simulation, the design team could gain insight into the behavior of the car, map the airflow, and examine the cooling system, such as the cooling flow of the engine, the flow to the brake ducts, and even the ventilation inside the cockpit. Using the FloEFD product for CFD testing, the design team was able to increase the car’s competitiveness for aerodynamic performance.

“Bringing home a title is something you do as a team. You have to work on every detail” said Anthony Kumpen. “That’s why we started working with Voxdale & FloEFD which gave us the added technological edge to bring home the title.”  

“Anthony Kumpen won by a margin of just nine points, and we believe using FloEFD was valuable in his win by improving the speed and performance of his race car,” stated Koen Beyers, CEO of Voxdale. “We value the FloEFD software because it optimizes product performance and reliability, while eliminating physical prototyping and reducing product development costs.”

FloEFD: The Only Fully CAD-embedded CFD Software Solution

FloEFD helps design engineers conduct frontloaded, concurrent CFD analysis using the familiar MCAD interface. This reduces design times by orders of magnitude when compared to traditional methods and products. The FloEFD frontloading CFD methodology can reduce simulation time by as much as 65 to 75 percent over traditional CFD tools.

“Mentor congratulates Anthony Kumpen on his NASCAR Whelen Euro Series win, and we are excited to see how FloEFD has made an impact on improving his racing performance, thanks to Voxdale’s use of our CFD technology,” stated Roland Feldhinkel, general manager of Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division. “We wish Voxdale and Anthony continued success as they enhance their product performance using technologies such as Mentor’s FloEFD tool.”

View the video interview with Voxdale and NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Champion Anthony Kumpen:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjXxt2FKMyQ.

To learn more about the FloEFD frontloading CFD product, go to the website: https://www.mentor.com/products/mechanical/floefd/.

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