21 October 2015

Mentor Graphics Expands Mentor Embedded Linux Support for Latest AMD Embedded R-Series Family of Processors

Wilsonville, Ore., Oct. 21, 2015 – Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the availability of the Mentor® Embedded Linux® runtime software and development tools with expanded processor support for the AMD Embedded R-Series family of processors. The second-generation AMD Embedded R-Series devices include AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics (previously codenamed: “Merlin Falcon”), and AMD Embedded R-Series APU (previously codenamed: “Bald Eagle”) which both support heterogeneous system architecture for advanced processing performance, power efficiency and multimedia immersion. The Mentor Embedded Linux runtime and development tools also support the AMD Embedded G-Series processors.

Embedded developers can now perform evaluation, prototyping, and development by downloading the freely available Mentor Embedded Linux Lite and Sourcery™ CodeBench Lite tools to support the latest AMD Embedded processors.  Additionally, developers can continue to seamlessly migrate to the new commercial versions of the Mentor Embedded Linux environment with the Sourcery CodeBench tool for production platforms. The combination of the AMD Embedded and the Mentor Embedded Linux processors make for a powerful hardware/software platform solution to create dynamic applications targeting markets such as digital gaming, point-of-sale (POS), and electronic signage/displays. 

“The AMD Embedded R-Series SOC offers industry leading performance for a variety of markets that need a high-performance, low-power architecture with superior graphics and compute capabilities,” said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD Embedded Solutions.  “With this announcement, AMD Embedded customers now have even more choices available for their Linux development to meet their design challenges, from the no-cost Mentor Embedded Linux Lite to the robust commercially-supported Mentor Embedded Linux.”

Embedded Linux Platform and Development Tools

AMD Embedded customers can download updated Mentor Embedded Linux and Sourcery CodeBench Lite tools to quickly build, from source, a customized Linux-based platform based on technology from the Yocto™ Project. Using the Mentor Embedded Sourcery CodeBench and award-winning Sourcery™ Analyzer technology, embedded C/C+ developers can gain valuable insights into system behavior and timing through a visual debugging framework that identifies functional, timing, and performance bottlenecks.

Support for developing and debugging Qt® -based user interfaces (UI) using Qt Creator has been added to the commercial product.  The latest commercial Mentor Embedded Linux platform also includes an upgrade to the integrated, accelerated Qt 5.3.2 graphics framework. In addition to the Qt library modules, developers can make use of unique system-level trace and analysis visualization to easily optimize UI performance metrics, such as frame rate, to deliver highly responsive graphics-intensive applications.

Additional features and capabilities in the Mentor Embedded Linux Commercial Platform for AMD G-Series and R-Series devices include:

  • Accelerated Qt 5.3.2 graphics
  • Accelerated GStreamer 1.0 multimedia stack
  • Sourcery CodeBench Eclipse-based IDE for application development, debug, and analysis
  • Graphical user interface development and debug using Qt Creator
  • Customization services
  • Technical support

“Our ongoing technology partnership with AMD enables our mutual customers to create new and exciting products, including high performance user interfaces built on the latest AMD R-series and G-series processors,” said Scot Morrison, general manager, platform business unit, Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division. “Our partnership with AMD Embedded encourages product innovation by minimizing the risks of embedded Linux and UI development with greater user productivity.”

Product Availability

The Mentor Embedded Linux Lite Platform for AMD Embedded customers is available for website download now at no charge to AMD Embedded customers. Mentor Embedded Linux Commercial licenses are available for purchase from our sales channel.  For free downloads and additional product information, visit: https://www.mentor.com/embedded-software/partners/amd

About Mentor Embedded

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division enables embedded development for a variety of applications including automotive, industrial, smart energy, medical devices, and consumer electronics. Embedded developers can create systems with the latest processors and micro-controllers with commercially supported and customizable Linux-based solutions including the industry-leading Sourcery CodeBench and Mentor Embedded Linux products.  For real-time systems, developers can take advantage of the small-foot-print and low-power-capable Nucleus RTOS product. For more information, visit www.mentor.com/embedded

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