Electronic Design Automation

What is Electronic Design Automation?

Electronic design automation (EDA) is the use of computer programs to design, simulate, verify, and manufacture electronic systems such as integrated circuits (IC), IC packaging, and printed circuit boards (PCB). EDA software (also known as electronic computer-aided design, or ECAD software) has become essential for the development, testing, and production of electronic systems due to the rise of very large scale integration (VLSI) systems and the ever-increasing complexity of ICs and PCBs (which can include millions of transistors, diodes, and other individual components).

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About Mentor Graphics & Siemens EDA

Starting in 1981, Mentor Graphics was a global leader in ECAD products. In 2017, Siemens acquired the Mentor Graphics company – as well as their portfolio of EDA software & services, which includes:

  • Mentor Calibre - a complete IC verification and DFM optimization EDA platform that speeds designs from creation to manufacturing, addressing all sign-off requirements
  • Mentor PADS Professional - an integrated PCB design and verification flow for engineers and workgroups
  • Mentor Xpedition - a comprehensive PCB design flow that helps engineering teams master schematic & layout editing, multi-discipline systems, concurrent engineering, process automation, design data integrity, and design verification
  • Mentor Xpedition Package Designer - provides a complete physical design solution, including flip-chip and/or wire-bond attach, stacked die, heterogeneous integration, and multi-device System-In-Package (SiP) or modules
  • Mentor Capital - a suite of E/E systems development tools for the design, validation, and manufacture of electrical systems and harnesses
  • Mentor Questa - a suite of IC logic simulation tools that can automate the verification and debugging of complex SoCs and FPGAs
  • Mentor Modelsim - an HDL simulation tool that is ideally suited for the verification of small and medium-sized FPGA designs
  • Mentor Hyperlynx - a suite of PCB power & signal verification tools for high-performance designs
  • And more

How to get support for Mentor Software

In 2021, the Mentor branding became Siemens EDA, which is a part of Siemens Digital Industries Software. However, all of Mentor’s EDA products are still available and supported by Siemens EDA with all of the same functionality that enables developers to create robust IC, IC packages, and PCB designs.

Siemens has also absorbed Mentor Graphics’ offices in Egypt, India, Pakistan, and all around the globe. To find the Siemens EDA office nearest you, visit the locations page.

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Electronic Design Automation

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