Corrective and Preventative Action Software

Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) Software is used to identify issues of non-conformance in a product or system, manage the actions that are implemented to address those issues, and document the results. In the context of product lifecycle management, CAPA software is a critical tool for ongoing quality management efforts. 

The issues that can necessitate CAPA software are varied. They include repetitive or critical product failures, process efficiency issues, equipment problems, industry-specific regulatory compliance requirements, customer complaints, and more. The corrective and preventive actions that are devised to rectify (i.e. corrective actions) or avoid (i.e. preventative actions) these issues both include stages for investigation of root causes, implementation of action, results analysis, and follow-up actions if required. CAPA software facilitates this entire process, giving everyone involved a way to document what they are doing, track the progress of others, and measure outcomes. When properly implemented, CAPA software enables organizations to improve product quality, ensure customer satisfaction, and achieve financial goals.