Eventi | 12 novembre 2019
Cypress, CA

Join Siemens Digital Industries and startup partners as they host the first Aerospace & Defense Startup Seminar on November 12, 2019 in Cypress, CA.

Startup businesses in Aerospace & Defense are disrupting their respective markets with innovative new technologies that will forever shift the paradigm of how humans live, travel, and view themselves in this universe. Developing these new technologies & products in a rapid manner requires a next-generation set of integrated solutions to design, analyze, simulate, and test their products in a virtual environment before spending a dime on production and costly mistakes.

Aircraft continues to increase at an exponential rate, leading to major cost and budget overruns, challenging the limits of current development processes. Embracing the Digital Twin & Digital Thread help realize scalable designs from the very early stages of conception.

Presentations will include best practices and software solutions for design, simulation, analysis, and testing as they pertain to key sub-markets in Aerospace & Defense:

  • Urban Air Mobility
  • Electric Propulsion
  • Space Commercialization
  • Supersonic / Hypersonic Travel

Register now to attend the onsite seminar or watch live online to learn how your startup can benefit from Siemens PLM's market-leading solutions!

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