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The digital functional twin - Driving autonomous and electric vehicle design

Webinaire à la demande | 32 minutes

Rethink product development for autonomous and electric vehicle design

Rethink product development for autonomous and electric vehicle design using the digital functional twin

Technology and business model disruption has created conditions threatening the survival of established automakers, and a gold rush opportunity for new entrants. Often funded by venture capital, these new entrants must hit challenging milestones to secure their next round of funding. But how are the vehicles, loaded with electronics and software, actually designed?

Digital twin and functional systems engineering

The Digital Functional Twin, closely related to Model-Based Systems Engineering, is a key concept. Application of the Digital Functional Twin can dramatically compress development timescales, support compliance mandates, and foster engineering innovation. This presentation explores the ideas behind the Digital Functional Twin and how modern design automation tools turn these ideas into reality.

Key takeaways from this webinar

  • Digitalization is changing how cars are designed
  • How systems engineering is shaping next generation vehicles
  • Why a functional digital twin is an important part of engineering

Who will find this webinar valuable

  • Engineering managers
  • Technology directors
  • Product managers