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A product data management platform is key in consumer product development

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Benefits to CPG manufacturing with a data management platform

Product Data Management Platform

Learn how your company can deliver more efficiency through the entire supply chain while meeting all customer expectations in terms of quality and transparency.

Benefits to CPG manufacturing with a specification management platform for formulated products

Evolving in a CPG Manufacturing environment? Learn how your company can:

  • Deliver more efficiency through the entire supply chain
  • Meet all customer quality and transparency expectations
  • Use specification management to improve time-to-market by having necessary formulated product information in a central repository

Specification management for consumer-packaged Goods

Consumers are pushing innovation with demands for healthier and more eco-friendly products. This modern behavior also involves the expectation of a variety of products in different package types and sizes, including premium quality products at competitive prices.

Improve product design quality and time to market with PDM platform

For CPG manufacturers, it is important to speed up innovation while assuring product quality and regulatory requirements. In addition, they need to store and share evermore, product-related information internally, but also with suppliers and consumers.