Learn how system simulation has an impact on hybrid-electric propulsion performance

Webinaire à la demande | 56 minutes

Hybrid-electric propulsion performance assessment

Hybrid-electric propulsion performance assessment

When looking into hybrid-electric propulsion development, a combination of disciplines and expertise is needed to achieve the required performance.

Based on MBSE approach, designers can assess hybrid electric configurations, with respect to engine operability, thermal management and overall integrated performance.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • How to create the architecture of a system simulation model is then created, combining all systems relevant to performance analysis: battery, electric motor, gas turbine, propeller and aircraft model
  • How to compare different levels of hybridization for a reference mission
  • How to deploy the simulation models through a large organization

In this webinar, we highlight two cases. First one is related to the hybridization of an existing regional aircraft, the ATR 42-500. The second one will feature the mission analysis of complete rotorcraft operations.

Speaker: Sylvain Pluchart, Space Industry Business Developer

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