Predict and reduce gear vibrations in rotating machinery

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Automatically build complex transmission models and accurately simulate vibro-acoustic performance

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Various requirements with respect to vibration levels and noise radiation are strongly associated with machine performance and workplace safety. The key to understanding the vibrations in industrial machinery is identifying their origin, which is linked to the gear vibrations in the system.

Modelling gear transmissions is laborious and cumbersome: transmission system consists of various components such as gears, shafts and bearings. Capturing all relevant effects (misalignment, gear microgeometry, housing flexibility) adds additional complexity for multi-body analyst.

During this webinar, using Simcenter 3D software, we will demonstrate an end-to-end solution designed for motion multi-body expert analysts as well as designers, to address gear transmission NVH.

Vous apprendrez :

  • How to create gear transmission models automatically from industry specific parameters (tooth numbers, normal modules and more).
  • Gain a deeper understanding of variables that affects transmission error variations e.g. microgeometry modifications.
  • How to reduce transmission vibration and associated noise using Simcenter 3D.