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Model-based optimization of aircraft environmental control systems (ECS) design through simulation

Webinaire à la demande | 39 minutes

Learn how simulation can help perform a complete air management analysis from an initial analysis to a complete ECS equipment integration

Simcenter Amesim for the environmental control systems optimization

Guest Speakers: Allan Settles and Wellson Bezerra, Thermodynamics specialists, from Gulfstream

When designing an aircraft environmental control system, you need to consider many aspects such as cooling, heating, ventilation, humidity/contaminant control, and pressurization in the context of aircraft occupied compartments, cargo compartments or electronic equipment bays. In parallel to those technical requirements, engineers are also pressured to design environmental control systems with higher efficiency, lower weight, lower volume, and optimized energy consumption.

System simulation helps you build an environmental control systems early in the design process. It gives you engineering insights on the behavior of multiple parameters in dynamics conditions. During the webinar, our guest speaker from Gulfstream will demonstrate how simulation helps to perform a complete air management analysis from the initial, scalable approach of the cockpit/cabin, to the complete ECS equipment integration.

Vous apprendrez :

  • Optimize the global ECS integrating sub-systems and how to perform trade-off analysis in order to anticipate integration issues at the very beginning of the development cycle
  • Test, identify and select innovative technological solutions and/or control strategies to reduce fuel consumption;
  • Deploy model-based strategy for avionics equipment bay cooling and ventilation to comply with requirements.