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Front-loading controls validation using virtual calibration

Webinaire à la demande

Implement model-based development to streamline controls engineering

Controls virtual calibration system simulation

It's no secret that environmental and safety regulation are reshaping the automotive industry engineering processes, in all domains. Controls engineering is no exception. The introduction of complex technologies that enable to cope with regulations requirements impacts the level of complexity of controls and embedded software. Software code sizes have considerably expanded over the past decade, and the rise of hybridization, electrification and autonomous vehicles is drastically amplifying these phenomena. As a result of the explosion of parameters combination, managing the conflicting calibration requirements and attributes through physical validation and testing is not sustainable anymore, from a cost and time perspective. A new approach is essential, and model-based development including virtual calibration is becoming a key success factor.

In this webinar, we’re introducing application cases where system simulation is applied to accelerate controls calibration. Our experts will explain: 

  • How system simulation is currently successfully used for MiL, SiL, HiL and controls validation thanks to real-time compatible models
  • What are the differences between calibration and validation model requirements
  • How a multi-level modeling approach is ideal for addressing differences between virtual calibration and calibration challenges 
  • How calibration achievement can be front-loaded at different stages of the control development process to reduce risks at later development stages