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Optimizing battery thermal management system design and architecture using multi-level modeling

Webinaire à la demande | 54 minutes

Get the most out of simulation and balance cost, range, comfort, and durability while delivering optimal safety.

Battery Thermal Management System Design Modeling

Engineering the optimal battery thermal management system design and architecture while balancing costs, range, thermal comfort and durability is a critical task. Decisions must be made considering not only thermal safety and its crucial impact on durability but also range and performance through cabin comfort and battery temperature. Multi-level modeling and multi-physics simulations have become pivotal for evaluating architecture design impact on key performance attributes and anticipating control strategies validation.

In this webinar, Angelo Greco from PSA Peugeot Citroen and Thomas Desbarats from Siemens will introduce how a multi-physics and multi-scale simulation approach empowers engineers to optimize and secure battery thermal management system design.

Vous apprendrez :

  • How to implement a multi-physics, multi-domain and multi-scale modeling approach to use the right models for each type of analysis.
  • How to investigate the impact of battery thermal management architectures on key performance attributes like range, comfort, safety and durability.
  • How to optimize battery management system and control strategies combining 3D simulation details and 1D simulation versatility.