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How advanced empirical models can accelerate your battery design

Webinaire à la demande

Improving Empirical Circuit Models calibration techniques for better battery cell breathing analysis

Empirical circuit models are widely used for simulation of battery electrothermal behavior, as they provide reasonable accuracy and extremely fast computational time. They can provide a good representation of the cell’s behavior when parameterized by a few simple tests.

However, how simple those characterization tests may be, using those tests for the empirical models' calibration has always been a time consuming and complex job for the engineer.

During this webinar, our presenters, Robert Spotnitz from Battery Design and Kaushik Illa from Siemens, will demonstrate how a battery empirical cell model can be efficiently calibrated and then used to capture cell breathing mechanisms.

Learning Points:

  • What improvements in ECM calibration techniques can remove pre-processing effort
  • How empirical models can support cell expansion and contraction analysis
  • How Siemens brings continuity of cell equivalent models between all Simcenter solutions


Robert Spotnitz
CEO, Battery Design

Kaushik Illa
Applications Specialist, Siemens Digital Industries Software