Towards aircraft noise reduction

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Aircraft noise during fly-over

Aircraft noise reduction and sound engineering are a continuous challenge in the aircraft design process for both exterior and interior acoustics. Stringent regulations on takeoff, fly-over and landing noise are forcing manufacturers to limit noise emissions from not only the engine but also the airframe.

Understanding the aircraft’s acoustic performance and noise impact early in the development program is key to move innovations forward. There are some exciting experimental methods to help engineers meet these tough new aircraft noise level targets and make the right choices, acoustically speaking.

Attend this free webinar and learn, through actual cases, how to acquire insights into the aircraft noise generation mechanisms and validate quiet designs.

What will you learn?

  • How to address aircraft environmental noise. From simple aircraft noise level measurements to an advanced sound quality assessment
  • Case : What is the impact of electric propulsion on radiated noise?
  • How to create a sound profile of the aircraft interior in minutes of flight testing
  • How to clearly identify realistic paths for acoustic optimization
  • Case : Analyzing the noise performance of a helicopter

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