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Assessing thermo-electric powerplants for rotorcraft using system simulation

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Learn how Cranfield University uses Simcenter Amesim for assessing gas turbine based thermo-electric powerplants for rotorcraft propulsion.

The aviation industry, including rotorcrafts, is recognized as the most rapidly growing source of CO2 emissions, given that global traffic is forecasted to a twofold increase between 2016 and 2035. The industry considers hybrid electric propulsion systems as a potential way to tackle the 2050 targets in terms of emissions, noise and performance. In this webinar, learn how to evaluate and optimize gas turbine-based hybrid electric propulsion system configurations operability and performance for rotorcraft propulsion performance, over an oil and gas mission, using system simulation.

Ø First, Dr Olivier Broca from Siemens PLM software introduces aero-engine and gas turbine modeling and simulation capabilities with Simcenter Amesim from equipment and sub-systems to engine performance.

Ø Second, Dr Ioannis Roumeliotis from Cranfield University describes the use of Simcenter Amesim to assess in an integrated way a parallel electric hybrid rotorcraft propulsion system utilizing simple and recuperated cycle gas turbine configurations. An oil and gas mission of a twin engine medium helicopter has been used as reference case.

 More on Ioannis Roumeliotis: Dr. Ioannis Roumeliotis is a Lecturer in Gas Turbine Propulsion & Thermal Systems Integration in the Propulsion Engineering Centre at Cranfield University. Ioannis has participated in a total of fifteen EU projects including AEROTEST, TATEM, VIVACE, NEWAC, CRESCENDO (technical lead), ECATS and DEMOS (CLEAN SKY 2). He also participated in eight industry funded projects relevant to gas turbine simulation, modeling, monitoring and fault diagnosis. Currently he conducts applied research in the fields of integrated thermal management systems in the frame of Innovate UK project PIPS (Powerplant Integration with Platform Systems), he supports the Cranfield University Rolls-Royce UTC Aero Systems Design, Integration & Performance activities in gas turbine simulation and he collaborates with Siemens Industry Software in gas turbines modeling and in simulating integrated propulsion systems. He has received several distinctions for his research including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Cycle Innovations Committee Best Paper Award for 2012.

     More on Ph.D Olivier Broca: He received his PhD degree in Energetic systems and fluid dynamics from the Supaero ISAE (France). He participated to several French and EU projects, firstly in the oil and gas, and automotive industries with a focus on test and measurements and more recently for the Aerospace industry (CRESCENDO and TOICA). He currently leads the Aeronautics, Space and Defense product management and development team of Simcenter Amesim.

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