Services d’abonnement et de distribution par e-mail

Plug-in to the electronic advantage by subscribing to our e-mail distribution services. This service keeps you informed of pertinent technical information automatically and in a timely manner using electronic mail. There are currently 3 electronic mail distributions available that are regularly updated and sent to all subscribers.

  • all Software Field Bulletins (SFBs) are distributed as soon as they are posted in the Solution Center database to the SFB collection under the specific product the bulletin addresses. You will have the option to filter or select topics of interest thereby controlling the amount of information you receive.
  • a weekly summary list containing the document ID and a short description or title of new articles and a monthly summary of new SFBs. You can select any article title listed in the SUMMARY report with your mouse and your web browser should activate and bring up the contents of that article from our Solution Center database.
  • notification and links to all new technical newsletter articles submitted within the last month by our global support staff. Just click on the link in the message to display the article(s) of interest in your web browser.

to any or all of these 3 mailing lists, .

Or you can subscribe to the mailing lists by sending a mail message to the addresses shown below. You will need to send a separate message for each list. The message and subject line should be blank.

from the Sfbmail, Summary or Newsletter mailing list, you may , or send the following mail messages:

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Webinaire GTAC pour les nouveaux clients

Assistez au webinaire du Global Technical Access Center (GTAC) destiné aux nouveaux clients. Ce webinaire à la demande présente aux nouveaux clients et aux nouveaux gestionnaires de systèmes les outils et services de base qu’ils peuvent attendre des services d’assistance du GTAC. Ce webinaire n’est qu’un aperçu, un point de départ qui vous guidera vers la découverte complète de tous les services d’assistance mis à votre disposition. Écoutez et découvrez !