03 October 2003

D-Cubed's 2D DCM component to power variational sketching in Tekla Corporation's structural steel engineering software

FOR RELEASE Friday, October 3, 2003

Cambridge, England -- D-Cubed Ltd. announce that Tekla Corporation, of Espoo, Finland, has licensed the 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager for use in its market-leading suite of 3D modelling software products for the building design and construction industry.

Tekla’s products include Tekla Xsteel – the world’s leading model-based software for structural steel modeling and detailing – and Tekla Xengineer for 3D multi-material analysis and design. Tekla has a user base running into the thousands, spread over more than 50 countries worldwide.

The 2D DCM is globally regarded as the industry standard solution for 2D geometric constraint management. Supporting all types of geometry and a wide array of constraints and dimensions, the 2D DCM has been used in an increasing number of 2D and 3D CAD systems for more than 10 years. In addition to driving the sketcher in many mainstream mechanical CAD products, applications as diverse as standard parts libraries, model translation, mold, ship and garment design have all benefited from the comprehensive, dependable and cost effective solution provided by the 2D DCM.

"Steel design for the construction industry is mostly concerned with high value one-off projects, and any increase in the productivity of the software used will have a direct effect on the final cost," said John Owen, Managing Director, D-Cubed. "We’re delighted that Tekla has decided to use the 2D DCM and we are confident that the advantages it will bring to their applications will be very well received by their customers."

"Modeling excellence has always been the leading quality in Tekla’s products, and D-Cubed 2D DCM adds a new degree of flexibility into our solution," said Petri Raitio of Tekla. "With the integration of DCM, we are also improving our modeling core for use in segments new to us, such as multi-material modeling."

About Tekla Corporation
Tekla is a leading international software company whose innovative software solutions make customers’ core business more effective. The company’s model-based software products and related services are used in building and construction, energy sales and distribution and the public sector. Tekla Group’s net sales for 2002 were 41.5 million Euros. International operations accounted for 52 percent of net sales. Tekla Group employs approximately 450 people. More information about Tekla can be found at www.tekla.com.

About D-Cubed Ltd.
Founded in 1989 in Cambridge, England, D-Cubed provides software components and technical consulting services to the CAD/CAM/CAE application development industry in all areas of geometric, solid and variational/parametric modeling. Most of the world’s leading CAD vendors have adopted one or more of D-Cubed’s widely respected component technologies for integration into their end-user applications.