22 June 2004

Bertone Group Selects Tecnomatix eMPower Solutions to Enhance Automotive Product Quality and Speed Time to Market

HERZLIA, Israel – June 22, 2004 – Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: TCNO), the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), announced today that Bertone Group, one of Italy’s top automotive production companies, has signed a contract for the implementation of eMPower™ software. Bertone Group will use the eM-TolMate product to enable better tolerance analysis management and enhance manufacturing engineering collaboration between their staff and automotive manufacturer clients. eM-TolMate replaces Bertone’s previous tolerance analysis system -- which was done using worksheets -- and provides advanced capabilities for handling complex statistical calculations and analysis. Bertone Group will also use eM-TolMate to help lower production costs and increase product quality. eM-TolMate facilitates the management of tolerances and design specifications throughout the manufacturing process, which will allow Bertone to manage costs more efficiently, while providing maximum value and faster time-to-market for its clients. eM-TolMate also helps users predict the effect of tolerances and mating operations on an assembly process and can identify critical features and key characteristics of an assembly – such as the gap between a door and the fender of a car. “eM-TolMate is a significant move up from our previous system, allowing us to perform much more sophisticated calculations and analyses,” said Mario Panizza, general manager, Bertone Engineering. “With eM-TolMate, we’re already seeing important production improvements – for instance, with our recent development of a soft top for a convertible car – and we expect this pattern of improvement to continue. In addition, we anticipate greatly increased customer satisfaction and faster time-to-market. Tecnomatix’s eM-TolMate has set the industry standard for tolerance analysis, so we knew this would result in our clients getting the highest-quality products.” “We are pleased to see how our eMPower solutions are helping companies like Bertone Group,” said Jaron Lotan, president and CEO of Tecnomatix Technologies. “Bertone is known around the world for the style and sophistication of its product design, so knowing that Tecnomatix is making such a significant contribution to the production process is important to us. If we’re helping Bertone Group to create such high quality products, then we’re also helping shape the industry with the high-quality standards that our eMPower solutions make possible.”

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