07 June 2016

Intel Custom Foundry Certifies Mentor Graphics Physical Verification and Circuit Simulation Tools for 10nm Tri-Gate Process

WILSONVILLE, Ore., June 7, 2016 — Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced that it has achieved tape-out sign-off certification of the Calibre® physical verification platform and Analog FastSPICE™ (AFS) circuit simulation platform for Intel® 10nm tri-gate process technology. Customers of Intel Custom Foundry can now extend their use of Mentor®-based flows, first developed for Intel’s 14nm process technology, to do design rule checking (DRC), layout vs. schematic checking (LVS), electrical reliability analysis, and nanometer circuit simulation for the 10nm process technology. Mentor and Intel Custom Foundry used a PowerVR® GT7200 GPU design from Imagination Technologies for 10nm certification.

"Collaboration with Mentor gives our joint customers easier access to our 10nm process—the third-generation tri-gate technology that offers superior power, performance and area (PPA),” said Venkat Immaneni, senior director of Foundry Design Kit Enablement at Intel Custom Foundry. “Certification of the Calibre and AFS platforms allows customers to simulate and verify their differentiated, leading-edge SoC designs with high confidence of a successful outcome."

Intel Custom Foundry and Mentor Consulting have jointly developed models and rule checks for Intel's 10nm process, so that mutual customers can release 10nm designs to Intel Custom Foundry after validation using Calibre tools. The Calibre nmDRC™ and Calibre nmLVS™ platforms help design teams optimize their designs to meet process requirements, providing industry-leading cycle time and physical verification accuracy. The teams can also use the Calibre PERC™ software to perform reliability checks for electrical overstress (EOS) protection, signals crossing multiple power domains, and other reliability checks to expedite design closure. The Calibre PERC software automates complex reliability checks by integrating knowledge of both the physical layout and the netlist that defines device types and connectivity.

For circuit verification and characterization, the AFS platform is certified for Intel Custom Foundry’s 10nm process device models and design kits. Mutual customers rely on AFS to deliver nanometer SPICE accuracy faster than traditional SPICE simulators for verifying analog, radio frequency, mixed-signal, memory, and custom digital circuits.

“As part of our commitment to ensuring design flows deliver excellent PPA results for mutual customers using PowerVR GPUs, we were pleased to work with Intel Custom Foundry and Mentor on tool certification for Intel’s 10nm process,” said Graham Deacon, senior director of PowerVR Business Operations, Imagination. “PowerVR Series7XT GPUs, including the GT7200 used in this certification, provide high-performance, efficient and secure graphics and compute capability across a wide range of mid-range and high-end devices.”

"Our ongoing collaboration with Intel Custom Foundry has expanded to the 10nm tri-gate process technology," said Michael Buehler-Garcia, senior director of marketing, Calibre Design Solutions, Mentor Graphics. "This certification is another example of Mentor serving as the trusted bridge between IC designers and advanced process technologies.”

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